We offer legal services under the new Civil Code and legal representation in civil-law proceedings. We create civil-law agreements.

Contractual right

  • creation and negotiation of standard contractual documents,

  • creation of general business conditions and contractual specimens,

  • legal analysis, drawing-up or revision of any legal document, contract or general business conditions with respect to the interest of the client.


Debt recovery services

  • appeals for settlement of debt, proposals of payment schedules,

  • submitting the electronic payment orders or applications for insolvency proceedings,

  • assignment of claims to executors, dealing with executors.



  • drawing-up the purchase, donation, pre-marital and other civil-law agreements,

  • liability for damage,

  • representation in civil-law proceedings,

  • housing law and rental relations,

  • training courses and consultancy support for employees and statutory bodies.


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