Tariffs for legal services

The non-contractual price for legal services is governed by a lawyer’s fee, thus under the Order of Ministry of Justice No 177/1996 Coll. as amended.


The lawyer’s fee may be defined by agreement with the client with regard to the nature of the matter in question and the presumed legal acts (contractual fee). The amount of the lawyer’s fee reflects the professional demands on the provided legal service, time requirements for realization of the legal service and the value of the discussed matter as well. The lawyer’s fee may also be stated in a form of rate per hour.


The amount of the lawyer’s fee may be increased in case of particularly demanding legal acts, especially when a foreign law or a foreign language is necessary to be used, eventually in case of time-demanding legal acts.


For a long-term cooperation we are ready to offer our clients a favourable monthly fixed tariff for providing the legal services.