The Attorney’s Office provides a complex legal consultancy and services for entrepreneurs. We gained experience in establishing companies, acquisitions, mergers and legal ensuring of any and all changes of the existing companies, including companies with international participation.

Business companies

  • establishment of any kind of a business company, namely joint-stock company, limited liability company, public company and limited partnership company,

  • changes within existing business companies (e.g. changes of executive officers, members of board of management, members of supervisory board, change of company seat, business name, subject of business or any other change of Deed of Foundation, Deed of Association or Articles of Association,

  • increase and decrease of registered capital realized in different forms (e.g. monetary or non-monetary contributions, subscription of shares and/or crediting of claims) and contribution outside the registered capital for creating the registered capital,

  • restructuring projects including mergers, divisions, absorptions, transformations, means of purchase of shares from minority shareholders, division through separation, sale of company or its part,

  • legal solutions for holding structures including completing of the report on relations among connected parties,

  • draft proposals of contract on transfer of business share, support in registration proceedings at the Commercial Register,

  • legal services in liquidations and insolvency proceedings,

  • completing the internal rules and guidelines,

  • legal consultancy regarding shares, dealing with Central Securities Depository,

  • providing the information concerning new legal rules in relation to the client’s subject of business,

  • training courses and consultancy support for employees and statutory bodies.


Merger and restructuring

  • legal consultancy regarding transformations of companies or regarding any form of acquisition including proposal of appropriate measures and versions of realization with explanation of advantages and disadvantages of each of the measures,

  • legal representation in matters related to purchase or sale of a share including preparation of all documents and with implementation of legal changes in the target company (change of the executive officers, business name etc.), as well as representation at registration proceedings at relevant authorities,

  • legal consultancy for acquisitions, bankruptcy proceedings or liquidation of company.


Joint Venture and acquisitions

  • matters connected with purchase or sale of property, company or capital participation, including creation of all related documents,

  • acquiring licenses and approvals of state authorities necessary for acquisition or restructuring of a company,

  • transformations of companies, mergers and acquisitions.


Intellectual property

  • consultancy at registration of national, community and international trademarks,

  • ensuring of protection of our clients’ business secrets and know-how,

  • representation in disputes regarding infringement of trademark rights, domain names, copyrights and other rights of intellectual property,

  • drawing-up the licence and sub-licence contract including registration of licenses at respective authorities,

  • completion of contract on transfer of rights of industrial property including registration of these contract at respective authorities,

  • protection of intellectual property created by employees.


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